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Included below are some of my favorite and most recent articles I have written over the past few years which include a range of various topics. Also included for some of the posts are pdfs in case the links become inactive over time.  Thanks for visiting!

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Find out why some oppose this popular convenience store and gas station 


For this article,  I looked at a state-wide and national perspective on the history and effectiveness of juvenile curfews. I spoke with police officials, scientists and social activists. Read more here. 


I visited the church where a few families were taking shelter from ICE. I spoke with the pastor and fathers of two of the families. Read about the families' immigration struggles, and how they were handled in New Jersey. 

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Newark's new camera program allows anyone with an email address to access over 100+ cameras around the city placed in various neighborhoods. I sat down the Newark's police director and mayor to discuss the new program. Find out why the ACLU opposed the program and more. 

Hot and Bothered: Does crime go up with heat ? Data says....

Find out the answer to an ancient anecdotal question answered with data.

I analyzed five years worth of crime data for every county in New Jersey by month and used average monthly temperatures to answer this question. 


Prosecutors in Union County, New Jersey would not say much, but a few public records revealed Westfield's police department had a few questionable incidents come to light around the time the police chief retired.

 A dismissed gun charge still haunts former NFL player. Now he’s pushing to get a law changed 

Read about Khaseem Greene's story here. 


I was the first to break this story, obtaining video and speaking with the man's lawyer. The police officer was indicted for simple assault. Check out the story and video about this incident. 


By NJ law, braiders must go through cosmetology school, but braiders say its discriminatory.  cost of the school is not fair because  they don't use chemicals or heat on hair and braiding is not covered in these courses. I went out and spoke with a few braiders and the sponsor for the bill.  Read more.

I bothered every major police department in the state for this piece. Find out what's on the menu when you get locked up in different counties in New Jersey. 


A tip I received from a concerned Plainfield resident is what sparked this story. A few weeks later, I covered the council meeting where this same councilman voted to double his salary and triple the mayor's salary. 


This feature is about Shanaya Cooley, a young woman who went missing in December 2017. I visited the spot where she went missing as well as her mother and father's home to learn more about her.  My article was published in April, and Shanaya's body was found a few weeks later. 


I spoke with parents of students who attended this charter school and filed a public records request to see what the state found wrong with the school. 


This is a feel-good article about how an NFL player holds an annual turkey drive feeding families for Thanksgiving in his hometown. 

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Akirah Townes was a college student killed in a tragic domestic violence incident by her ex boyfriend. I spoke with her family and attended her memorial service.  Read more about how her family chose to honor her.  

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I spoke with a representative of the church food pantry who gave me video to help identify the culprit. Later, the church van was recovered.

Lasers, pyrotechnics used in battle against 30K crow invasion in state capital

How did so many crows end up causing such a big problem in the state's capital? Find out. 

Plainfield senior rises to become a world class fencer

The senior is currently ranked 13th in the nation and 3rd for New Jersey. He will attend Notre Dam in the fall of 2018.

How did former students steal $27K from an N.J. high school?

Why was so much money left for an undisclosed amount of time in a high school? Find out. 

Town worried about legalizing weed launches group to study marijuana's effects

Newly elected New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy  vowed to legalize marijuana during his first 100 days in office.

The State of Diversity in the Media: A Field Analysis

In my analysis of the state of diversity in the media, I recognized 50 organizations/ programs working to provide diversity in their workforce. 

Activist Erica Garner dies at 27 after heart attack

The activist and her family initially gained nationwide attention after In 2014, her father, Eric Garner, died after being place in a choke-hold by police in Staten Island. the incident was caught on video, uttering the words, "I can't breathe."

New York police officer 'assassinated' by gunman

Miosotis Familia was a Bronx cop signing off for duty when she was killed. Read about NYPD apprehending the suspect and the aftermath here. 

Two U.S. studies differ over effects of marijuana on drivers 

One study showed marijuana's negative affect on car insurance claims while another study released days later showed the drug had no affect. Read about what the studies and people involved had to say. 

Neil Armstrong's moon bag sells for $1.8 million at auction

Previously I covered the history of Neil Armstrong's long lost moon dust bag. Read about how the bag and other space items faired at an auction. 

Winning toilet paper gowns offered to brides-in-need

Read about how exquisite gowns made from toilet paper won an artist $10,000 and will possibly help a bride in need. 

Artist to debut 3D portraits produced from Chelsea Manning's DNA

Read about how one artist managed to create a image of Chelsea Manning while she was in prison. 

U.S. Senators, Others Sleep Outside in Support of Homeless

This article is about how an organization raised awareness about homeless youth.

The Diversity Issue and What's Being Done To Solve It

While at the 2015 ONA conference as an HBCU Fellow I covered a story asking media professionals how to diversify the media workforce.

Family and Friends Mourn Slain Bison

Terrence Tusan was a student at Howard University from Dallas, Texas. He was killed days before Christmas in 2014. Read about the controversy surrounding his murder and learn more about who he was in the article below.

Independent League Shortstop hopes journey from Japan is far from Complete

Yasutsugu Nishimoto was a Japanese pitcher projected to the next Yu Darvish. Read about how he traveled from Japan to the U.S. in hopes of a successful baseball career.

Williams Sisters Grip a Celebration and a Dedication

Venus and Serena had a tennis center named after them in Southeast D.C.! Find out details about the center and the dedication ceremony.

D.C. Council: Do citizens want public use of marijuana? 

D.C. citizens testified in favor or opposition of the public use of marijuana. 

Eli Brown to Compete in Word Rowing junior Championships

Eli was just a kid from Dallas who loved to row. Learn how his hobby landed him at the World Rowing junior Championships

Nigerian Girl Commences One Year Abduction

A year ago, the world tweeted #BringBackOurGirls However do you know what ever happened to our girls and where they are now? Find out

 Cadet Honors Father by Living out his Dream

This article is about ROTC Cadet Sasha Neal who was inspired to join  the Army after her father was killed in 2004.  

Ward 8 Bereaved of Its Heart, Marion S. Barry Sr.

The late Marion Barry was a global icon and the heart of Ward 8. Read about how the ward will move on without him.

Initiating the Battle for the Children

Bishop T. Walker is working to improve the education of the children in southeast. The Coast Guard, located in south, is looking to help the surrounding community. Read the article below to find out how the two work together!

Cadet who Survived Hurricane Katrina Continues to  Conquer

Glenda Blanche was in the 5th grade when she had to start over from nothing after Hurricane Katrina. Learn about what motivates her through CIET training below

Pirouette to Sucess

This article is about Reggie Jackson Jr. He is a 16-year-old ballet dancer that lives in Ward 8. Jackson has had a successful and colorful career thus far. Click the links below to read the article!

Memories live on after Tragic Accident

Deion Jackson-Houston was on his way to becoming a basketball phenomenon. Find out how his teammates are coping in the first season without him.

A Different Type of Fourth of July

Check out this article about the 4th of July from the contracted cadets perspective!

Local Opera Singer Reaches for the stars 

Amanda Van Story Lewis is not your average opera singer!

Home Sweet Home

Howard's volleyball team had four players return to their home state of Louisiana for the Sugar Bowl Tournament. Read about their journey below.

Hoop for Hope is an annual basketball tournament designed to raise funds for cancer research.Read below and find out more about what happened at the tournament in September!

Community Tournament Shoots for Success

Donaldson’s Kills Add Life to Lady Bison

Khalia Donaldson is not only a star athlete at Howard University, but an academic scholar as well. Check out my profile on her!

Opinion: Nagoya restuartant offers good food, atmosphere

Check out my restaurant review on Nagoya's Japanese restaurant.

Dallas Stars Media Day

The Dallas Stars held a Media Day for young journalists to participate in. Find out what the Stars players had to say below.

Column: National Signing Day

Read my column about the shenanigans surrounding National SIgning Day.

Sports Column: Pantherettes dominate state championship

The Pantherettes were rated the number one high school girls basketball team in 2012. Click to see their road to a state championship

Opinion: Beyond the fourth Thursday.

Learn more how D.C. residents can help the homeless endure the winter past Thanksgiving.


Personal Column:  A Call to justice for Trayvon Martin's killer 

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