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Fallen Bison [continuously being updated when information is available]

Updated 11:47 p.m.

According to the medical examiner's office, Tusan was shot in the head and neck.

Updated 10:52 p.m.

There are different stoires being posted about Tusan. I don't know how you're being portrayed what you did or did not do. All I know is that you were my friend and a kind soul.

Link to an article continuously being updated as well:

10:00 p.m.

I found out a few hours ago, my friend, a start football player at Euless Trinity High School and one of Howard University's star running backs was killed sometime between Sunday December 21 and Tuesday December 23. When and where I"m not sure of. Allegedly he was shot and killed. Terrence Tusan was someone I knew personally and someone I truly considered a real friend. I attend college about 1,500 miles away from home. There are quite a few Dallas people that attend college here as well. However, only a few of us that are far away from home keep in touch. Tusan was one of the few people that looked out for me. He always asked how I was doing and when we could study together. We had mutual contacts in Dallas and I knew he was one of the only few people I considered part of my DFW Howard fam. He was a short thing, but nonetheless a star. There weren't too many Howard home games you could attend without hearing "Terrence Tusan" from the anouncer. Football was undeniably a large part of Tusan's life. However, he was more than a football player. He was a friend, brother, and son. Still, I would like to think Tusan wanted to be known for his many accomplishments in football. When my classmate, Deion Jackson-Houston died, I covered his memorial and honored him as not only an outstanding athlete, but an outstanding student and person as well. I hope to do the same for Tusan. Honestly, that is part of the reason I became a journalist: to give others a voice. Tusan can't speak for himself now. We might see more posts about about him on instagram or a news story about a man killed. However, I hope to portray him in a more meaningful light. I will be updating this post with links to pictures and memorabilia of Tusan. May your family be at peace man. Tusan!

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